May 29th, 2007

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We forgot to pay the internet bill and then overspent this weekend.

So, no internet until a check clears on Thursday.

Thank fuck it's nice and sunny out and I can at least check email and post to LJ.

Two unexpected days off - just because we are poor!

Freelance life is so fucking odd.

Vive La France

I often complain about the French, but I have to say they understand medical care.

On Saturday I was able to walk to my doctor's office without an appointment, get seen in less than 20 minutes, had a long conversation and examination and was charged 20 euros.

Then I went to the pharmacy and got a two week xanax prescription that cost less than 2 euros.

I hate to think the amount of time and money it would have cost me to do the same thing on a weekend in America.

Certainly more than the 25 bucks I spent Saturday.


I've never been to this internet cafe before, but out of habbit hit the Explorer dropdown menu.

Aparently whomever sat here before me visited,, and

Obviously he was horny, but what I wonder is, "what was his native language?"