May 23rd, 2007

Blatently Stolen From Gawker....

... But too good not to post.

There's this site where the purpose of the site is to rat out other people's nannies if you think they are like beating the kids or whatever.

So, anyway this one woman writes in with a story that is so blatantly not child abuse but like total paranoia instead.

And then commentators savage her.

This occurred late afternoon on Monday. A white nanny, with shoulder length hair, wearing a grey hoody with red designs on it and blue jeans was chasing her charge, a little boy around the playground. The nanny was up on the equipment running from one red hut through the next on the ramps. She was climbing up and down the ladders. There were not that many other children at the park at that time. My 7 year old son stopped what he was doing and just looked at her. Although the boy seemed to be having fun; possibly used to the the nanny's behavior. The nanny's behavior was off. The child she was watching did not seem to be special needs. He was about 6 years old, curly brownish hair, green eyes, l/s grey t-shirt style shirt with a print on it and khaki colored cargos. I know I am not putting this in to words correctly, but for my child to stop playing on the playground and stand off to the side just staring- something was off. The nanny was growling and running, which could seem fun, except that she seemed so frenzied, so aggressive that I just got the sense she was either on something or mentally imbalanced.

It's a total hoot and a hollar.

Deep Thoughts

Has anyone else ever wondered why the Galactic Empire was such a bad idea?

Sure, they blew up Alderaan but only because they thought it was the headquarters of a large terrorist organization bent on overthrowing the government.

If you look at the sets in Star Wars, most of the cities seem to be fairly wealthy, people have jobs, etc... The army is composed entirely of clones, so it's not like there is conscription or anything.

I agree that Palpatine is an ugly dude, but he did stop the Trade Federation from, like, firebombing the capital planet. Even Vadar seems to only bother members of the military and the terrorists.

And why exactly did the fur balls who lived on Endor have anything against them. It looked to me like they were mostly allowed to live in trees in peace, until the teenage terrorists showed up to make trouble.

Operation Outcry

Yesterday, I read in the International Herald Tribune an article about a new anti-abortion argument that is so circular in it's logic that it's left me dumfounded. (I cant' find the fucking article to link it.)

It's being made by a group called Operation Outcry.

The argument goes like this:

1. Doctors are banned from doing any voluntary procedure that puts the life of a patient at serious risk.

2. Some studies show that a day or two after an abortion, some women report feeling "depressed."

3. Some people who are depressed commit suicide.

4. Therefore, abortions cause suicide and doctors should be banned from doing them.

The failure in this logic is truly astounding.

I mean, I'm sure that women are not jumping for joy after an abortion - but they might equally be depressed about, say, unexpectedly becoming a single mom.

Also, postpartum depression exists - which means that, like, not getting an abortion carries the same risk, right?

How do these people get so many people to buy into their logic?


Ever wonder what a professional writer thinks about while he's writing?

If so, here's a quick example of what's going on in my thoughts today while I write a sales page for an anti-aging hypnosis course:

1. I wonder if there are any new lesbian galleries on Fleshbot?

2. Galactus is a fucking cloud?

3. Rome Girl's ass. Yummy!

4. The Jedi were sort of a cult, weren't they?

5. Coca Cola is awesome.

6. Lesbians!

7. Why does the cat not like any of the cat toys I buy her?

8. I wonder if any of the girls on LJ have written about sex today?

9. I need a cigarette.

10. Really, why do we always defend the Jedi and assume the Sith are wrong?

11. I wonder if rome girl would let me play some Guns N Roses while she works?

12. New lesbian pictorials! Result!

13. I guess the Sith are kind of bad.

14. How would Patrick Bateman write this ad?

15. But Anakin is both a Jedi and a Sith!

16. I wonder when Fleshbot will refresh?

Rock And Roll Never Fogets

On a whim this afternoon I bit torrented Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band's Greatest Hits - which I hadn't listened to in at least 10 years.

Holy shit!

Either I'd forgotten how good these songs were, or I just wasn't old enough 10 years ago to appreciate these tunes.

There is a moment in "Night Moves" that has to rank in the top 10 great recorded rock moments.

The song, which seemed really happy at first, has suddenly slowed down and Bob's very gently singing about the sound of thunder and the music has turned on you and it's become the saddest song in history. Then, you think he's about to pick up the momentum again, but he doesn't and gives you a throwaway line.

So, you still think that he's going to slowly build the beat back up to the fast pace of the song and you expect it and you wait for it.

But, that doesn't happen. Instead, suddenly these gospel girls that up til now you've only heard in the background, burst forward and just scream "Night Moves" and the song then instantly becomes fast and driving again and it's like all of the emotion that he built up when he slowed the song down is instantly released.

It's fucking wonderful.

All of the songs are somewhat like that.

They seem to know where they are going more than most rock songs do, so they move with a sense of inevitability towards their goal, all the while he's shifting between a blues and a gospel beat, covered with acoustic guitars that are almost, but not quite, Texas Country.

It's like Springsteeen if Springsteen wasn't a control freak fuckwad and would just the music take him away.

I feel like I want to dive into the music, roll with it and come out the other side at whatever place it wants to take me.