May 22nd, 2007


Just finished the second Season of Grey's Anatomy.

I now not only hate Meredith Grey, I hate the very idea that she and the writers seem to represent.

The underlying theme of Meredith is that as long as you are female and "sensitive" nothing you do can be wrong because it's about your feelings. Therefore you can lie to your co-workers, fuck married men, date men you work with even though it's against your workplace code of conduct, act shitty to your friends, have deceitful hurtful sex and whatever, but all because you are a girl and sensitive, it's A-OK.

Fuck that shit.

Meredith Grey is not only a doctor, she's a fucking surgeon. In theory she should be one of the smartest females on the planet. So, she should not approach relationships like a 15 year old girl who has yet to see her first penis.

Can you imagine if a male acted the way she does? He'd be a hated laughingstock (and be given a world of shit by Meredith, who like all "sensitive" girls on American television, only respects and wants to fuck guys who are insensitive, unavailable and shitty to her.

Unfortunately, the writers have now started to make all the females in the show like this. I used to have a lot of respect for Izzy, who was a trailer park girl who worked hard to become a doctor. But now we are supposed to have some weirdo empathy for her after she essentially murders a patient because she was "in love" or "vulnerable" or some such crap.

Bitch, you loved him so much that you fucking killed him!

They've even done this shit to the Asian girl who now moons around over Burke and worse still to fucking Addison - who is supposedly the most talented OBGYN Surgeon in America, yet takes breaks from surgery to talk about her feelings for her husband!

Jesus H. Fucking Christ. Is this show designed to make sure that women are never taken seriously in the world?

I'm also really steamed at the running subplot that it's OK for the main characters to be mean to George's girlfriend because she's fat. Though I shouldn't be surprised in a show that seems to sympathize with women so much that it actually hates them.


My computer idiot animal loving mom was complaining that she was stressed with work.

So, I sent her a link to Kitten War

She came back to me 45 minutes later angry because she could not figure out how to "win."

"It just keeps going on no matter what I click," she said.

I had no idea what to say.