May 21st, 2007

Where My Bitches At ?

I really meant to get work done on Sunday but after bidding on projects I made the mistake of going out for a cup of coffee.

On the way back I ran into Miss Darling who I hadn't seen in weeks, so it goes without saying that we ended up on the terrace of Bar St. Roch sipping drinks and gabbing like a bunch of school girls.

We were joined by Blonde Lesbian and in no time at all we were the Catty Corner talking shit and gossip and all things wrong. Miss Darling's current dream plan is to visit Las Vegas with one of her female friends and not gamble, but instead latch on to rich Japanese businessmen and pretend to international scandalous women.

Also, she wants to do a fake lesbian marriage to her friend in a drive by wedding chapel. I don't remember if she wants to ditch the Japanse guys first or not.

It all made me realize how much I miss hanging out with my girls. When Rome Girl first got here I really wanted her to have friends so I tended to hold back when the ladies wanted to hang out and let Rome Girl hang out with them and bond with them.

But, I realize now that I need my own time with the girls too, because it's fun to just be surrounded by femaleness and be bitchy as all hell.


.... and it's a writing style that might bore you, but you don't have to read it, it's just that I'm so far behind on my writing work and I don't know why, it's like I'm blocked and I know that the real reason is that I'm really happy with the other parts of my life and I somehow need to have something going on that isn't right and I think this is why no doctor has ever suggested I quit smoking because it's obvious that I need some way to self destruct and if it's not one way it's another and it makes me realize how jealous I am of the way Rome Girl approaches her writing work which is to simply do it and be happy if the client likes it and pays her for it and I can't do it that way because while I'm deeply unhappy when I don't write and need to write I always feel like my writing is always shit so that I feel guilty when clients like it and sometimes feel better when they tell me it's shit, but this doesn't stop me from writing because writing feels so good, particularly when other parts of my life are going to shit, but it still makes me feel a little guilty particularly when people like what I write, because they usually like the stuff that is just writer's parlor tricks like ripping off the style of the entry of a book I read in college about a college that was just like the college that I was at, when really it's just a writers exercise in making fun of the idea of in medeas rea, or I'm just finding ways to wrap shit around shit by writing the start and ending to the shit first and then filling up the shit in the middle so it feels like a connection and this makes me light another cigarette and think about standing on the balcony or looking at porn or doing anything but writing this book about how to market with postcards and is it really writers block when you can write anything but the fucking shit you are supposed to be writing and is it always meant to be like this...


Rome Girl just had to call HSBC to check on the status of a $125 wire transfer from a Swiss Bank.

"It' was embarrassing," she said. "I felt like the most incompetent money launderer in the world."

Dumb Cops

This is Awesome.

In Knoxxville a cop pulled over porn star Barbie Cummings for a traffic violation and then found drugs in her car. While questioning her he asked her what she did for a living.

She told him and then offered to give him a blow job.

You may be shocked to learn that the cop decided not to bust her on the narcotics charges.

Even more surprisingly, he let her tape the blow job on her cell phone.

Of course she then posted the film on You Tube and her blog and sent copies to his police chief.