May 20th, 2007


Last night I dreamed that half wolf, half man beings had tied me to a bed and were injecting me with heroin. When they pulled the needles out of my arm they would suck the blood out of the sharp tips.

These images alternated with images of these weird naked girls with clown masks who were laughing weirdly and playing darts. All of the girls had breasts, but some of them had penises and some of them had genitals that looked neither male nor female.

It made me scared.

It also made me wish I knew how to write screenplays.


Woke up and started sending out proposals for freelance projects while Rome Girl re-organized the apartment in honor of Miss Brown's arrival next week.

Then went off to the Place de la Comedie to have coffee and citron presse. Noticed a really hot new fashion trend. Girls have dyed their hair way black and then have three or thick four platinum streaks going through it. Saw like nine girls with this hairstyle and it looked on beyond sexy on all of them.

Came home and then went to Planet Prix with Rome Girl because she decided we needed a table on wheels for the kitchen. Found appropriate table and carried it home.

Afterwards I spent a while writing several pages on how to lick pussy while fingering your girl.

Emma's Sexy Mom and Brunette Lesbian then turned up.

We went over the The Greyhound in the Comedie and had a couple drinks there alon with delightfully dirty conversations about anal bleaching, how weird it is when you can hear people way younger than you having sex, the decline of the Britney region of France and the inability of lesbian mistresses to commit.

Brunette Lesbian and I eventually made it over to O'Carolan's and then I went home where Rome Girl made me sausage and tomato sauce sandwiches while I watched Bree Van De Camp Hodges deal with her evil mother in law.

Gross Guy Bitching

I have a pimple on my leg at exactly the spot where my dick touches my leg.

It not only hurts in general, but more so when I walk and my dick bounces against the pimple.

Rome Girl wanted to pop the pimple, but I was like there is no way in hell I'm having a popped pimple bumping against the tip of my dick.

"Why not," she said.

"It's a guy thing," I replied.

UPDATE: Rome Girl just popped it with a pin. HOLYJEUSFUCKINGHELL! It hurt.