May 16th, 2007

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description
Need a children's pamphlet for a spiritual piece,



About the end times, 2012, prophesies,
warfare, nuclear reality, greenhouse effect and global warming, etc.

Needs to have an enlightened answer for the world in the coming times.

The subject is related to saving your parents from fear and hysteria - the child stays calm and simply says, we're going to visit God.

Hanzo The Razor

Awesome Fleshbot Movie Review.

"Hanzo the Razor," a trilogy of samurai-cop mashup adventures starring a hero who always gets his man—and his women, usually after "interrogating" them with legendarily strong penis. (The same penis that he strengthens by dousing with boiling hot water and pounding on an anvil.)"

Until I Find You

I'm about 200 pages into John Irving's Until I Find You.

Because I know that John Irving is capable of really incredible stuff like Hotel New Hampshire, Garp and Cider House Rules I really, really want to like this book.

I also know, however, that he's capable of doing a lot of redundant crap and coasting by on themes from his earlier books.

So far it's looking like the latter. The first 150 pages are deep into the whole Amsterdamn/Hooker With A Heart Of Gold trip he's been on for years. I'm really tired of it and it's gotten to the point where it's almost offensive, in the sense that while trying to be all sensitive man he's really just playing into the madonna/whore complex.

I have nothing against hookers and prostitution. Hell, Rome Girl has been with me to the Barcelona brothels and when one of my friends got dumped by his fiancee we both took him there and made sure he got well and truly laid two nights in a row by a sexy lady of the night.

But, that said, I don't buy John Irving's thing that deep down prostitutes are looking for love or were hurt by their one true love and sit around waiting to be mother figures to children and/or have become what they are because they KNOW THE TRUE SECRETS OF MEN.

Fuck that. Prostitutes can be wonderful creatures. In fact, they engage in the only honest commerce I've ever encountered. Most capitalist shit involves trying to hype up what you sell, make it seem better than it really is and in general trying to get one over. Prostitution blows that out the window. The girl shows the guy what's on offer and how much she wants for it. The guy decides if he wants it badly enough or not. Then the deal is done.

And, prostitution will always be with us. It existed way before addictive drugs did, and will exist even if one day we are all clean and sober and all have enough money. It's not always about desperation. Sometimes it's just about the fact that it's something humans do.

It's beautiful in its simplicity and integrity.

But, come off it John. Most of these girls are simply trying to make a living. To me trying to create elaborate fantasies about Hookers With Hearts Of Gold is like trying to think about Bakers With Hearts Of Gold or Stockbrokers With Hearts Of Gold.

The woman, like any human being is defined by who she is. To constantly define her by what she does and to romanticize it is just bullshit.

Anyway, I'm going to keep reading and hope it gets better. But, I hope it's not going to be 400 pages of bears, incest, violence against children, wrestling and New England.