May 12th, 2007

Two Good Nights Out

Thursday and Friday were fun nights out.

Started on Thursday sipping a pint and reading a book at Bar St. Roch. A few minutes later I saw The Dirty Baker and Blonde Lesbian walk over to Mi Barrio. I knew that Rome Girl was meeting them there in a few minutes so I chilled out and then went over for a drink.

As soon as I got there I noticed the Non Jewish Carpenter and Hippy IT Boy at a nearby table. Since I hadn't seen them in a while I went over and chilled out with the boys. We talked shit and looked at girls for a while.

When they left Rome Girl was deep into girl talk with The Dirty Baker and since I find girl talk gross I went over to Fitzpatrick's where I found Famous Clapton Song who was bored because The Fuller Brush man is off in England.

We chatted for a bit and then I went home.

Last night Rome Girl was in the middle of a marathon editing session (I signed her to four new jobs this week) so I went out for a cheeky pint. I was just about to go home when Emma's Sexy Mom and Lancelot's Babe turned up.

We were soon met by The Dirty Baker and we chilled outside for a bit. The girls wanted to know if anal bleaching is myth or real. I said I thought it was real but since I've never seen a bleached anus I can't be sure. If anyone reading this has ever dyed their derriere send me a picture and I'll let them know it's real.

The Dirty Baker said an indellicate thing at one point that sent the rest of us into uncontrollable giggles.

I'm spending this morning trying to figure out how to pay the electric bill. If you pay by mail or in person you can only pay with a French credit card which we don't have. It says you can pay with a foreign card online, but when I click on that feature I get a message saying that the site is still under construction.

They'll turn us off on the 16th if I don't figure this out - but I'm sure I will. With the exception of people who give out Carte des Sejours (green cards) at the Prefecture I've been able to find a way to navigate almost any and all French bureaucracy eventually.


Rome Girl had a good point tonight.

During I.R.S when Axl Rose sings "Feelin' like I'm living inside of this song" do you think that could be because he's been fucking writing and recording the song for 16 fucking years?