May 9th, 2007

Thoughts On Television This Week

1. I was beginning to think that 24 had burned itself out. But this weeks episode made up for the last three. It could only get better if the "person from division" ends up being a reincarnated Nina Meyers.

2. Has anyone else noticed that no one, other than Jack, has been tortured on 24 this year?

3. I've gotten to the point on Lost where I'm routing for the smoke monster.

4. Jericho needs to find a way to either have more end of the world conspiracy stuff or new babes or both.

5. "Ravenwood" would be a great name for a girl punk group.

6. So would "Syler."

7. Is it just me, or is Heroes making less and less sense as it goes along?

Cool Sex Toy

Incognito Tickling Brush

The deal is that it has a soft dust brush on one end and the handle on the other end is a vibrator. So, you can start out tickling your clit with the bursh and then turn it on vibrate and either insert the vibrating handle into you, or keep using the soft brush end while it vibrates. It also comes with edible berry flavored dust, in case you want to give your boyfriend a sweet treat after playing with it for a while.

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I Am Appalled

This ad, which:

1. Is not a joke.

2. Has appeared around Manhattan and in the NYU student magazine.

Offends me on so many levels I can't even begin to start the rant.

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For The Ladies

The Lovely Lassie at One D At A Time is having a contest for Best Reader's Dick

In other words... porn for girls from a site probably not blocked by your work browser!

If you haven't read One D before, I highly recommend it. This week she talks about chewing gum birth control, pooping on boyfriends in the shower, Barbara Walters and transsexual teens.

Also, her essays on the best bar bathrooms in New York to give blow jobs/do blow in are hilarious.