May 4th, 2007

Dark Meat/White Meat

A very interesting essay that expresses a lot of the frustration I have with cheating wife/hotwife/cuckold porn and porn in general.

To wit, how stupidly racist porn titles and plots become as soon as a black male actor involved.

"In 2007, we now know, at least consciously, that there is no real deviation in intelligence or general ability across the various ethnicities of human beings. With that said, it’s beyond me why anyone would allow themselves or wish to be portrayed as little more than a monster (another term that’s bandied about quite a bit in these flicks) with little to offer the world other than a big black cock."

Questions That Plague Me

1. Why does Obi Wan so blatantly lie to Luke in "A New Hope?"

2. If you are the former Queen of Naboo and a high ranking member of the Galactic Senate, how exactly, do you hide that you are pregnant with twins?

3. Ok, so you build a great weapon and teenagers blow it up. Why would you then build the same weapon all over again? Why not build a new harder to blow up one?

4. When, exactly, when fleeing the Lava Planet did Obi Wan find the time to steal Anakin's light saber so he could give it to Luke 20 years later?

5. Since Bail Organ knows that Lea is Anakin's daughter, why does he put her in charge of delivering R2-D2. Wouldn't almost anyone have been safer?

6. How the fuck can Obi Wan not remember owning R2-D2?

7. If you wanted to hide a bad guy's son from him, would you hide him with the bad guy's brother, on the planet the bad guy grew up on?

8. Why didn't Palapatine clone himself?

9. If you were directing these movies, would you really kill off Darth Maul, who was cool, and yet keep Jar Jar? Dude, WTF?

10. How the hell did Tarkin become Anakin's boss?

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