May 3rd, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Part Two

We are now halfway through Season Two of Grey's Anatomy.

Some thoughts:

1. It's remarkable that I like the show, given that it has the least charismatic most annoying lead characters in the history of television. Seriously, there is nothing I like about Meridith Grey. Nothing.

2. WTF is up with the voice over moral lesson at the start and stop of every episode. Get a fucking clue. This device works on Desperate Housewives because the narrator is evil and dead. The evil and the dead get to talk shit about the living. Annoying rich girls who are still alive don't.

3. McDreamy or whatever the fuck his name is is a total dick. This doesn't bother me all the time because he's usually a dick to Meridith, which I approve of 100 percent. On the other hand it's not always her he's a dick to which brings up...

4. ... Addison. Lovely, wonderful, beautiful Addison. I did not think I could love anyone more than Bree Van de Kamp, but Addison may take that prize. How the fuck can McDreamy even possibly consider choosing whiny, needy, manipulative Meridith when he has a real woman like Addison panting for his loins.

5. I'm also a fan of the Syphilis Nurse.

6. Of all the interns I like the blonde curly haired one best.

7. I still want to kick Asian Girl in the face.

8. What the fuck is up with the title sequence at the start of this show? Are they seriously equating the challenges of being attractive to a man with the rigors of learning surgery? It is so retro and offensive I'm astounded it's on network television in 2007.

9. The line "Her heart caught fire after her fifth open heart surgery and she survived. She's like a mythical monster!" may be one of the best lines in television history.

10. Do all of them really keep having sex in their workplace in rooms where the doors don't have locks?

HOly MOly

The Daily News and The New York Post are having fun with the fact that former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevy who had to step down after it "came out" that he was gay and cheating on his wife with one of his male aides, now wants to become an Episcopal Priest.

The Post carries this headline today: "A-Men!"

Gawker finds this as amusing as I do and came up with their own potential headlines including:

# GAY-men!
# EpiscoGAYlean!
# HOly MOley!
# Altar Boys Beware!
# Assmaster of Divinity
# Banglican
# Semenarian

But, if I know my readers, I know we can do better.

What are your suggestions?

I'm thinking:

Like A Prayer



Hide The Bishop!

On His Knees Again!

In The Army Now

I've started incorporating push ups into my daily workout routine.

I can do five at a time. I can do four sets of five in an evening.

Before this, all I knew about push ups came from Officer and a Gentleman and Full Metal Jacket.

I understood that there was dropping involved, as well as the ability to count to 20.

Now, all I know about push ups is that they suck.

But, I did drop and eventually count to 20.