May 2nd, 2007


In The Ferrett's recent blog entry there was a discussion yesterday about people who don't think dinosaurs ever existed.

The theory being that either:

1. God put dinosaur bones in the Earth to test us and see if we would still believe in the Bible, even though dinos themselves never existed.

2. Dinosaurs are a huge plot by scientists who hate religion. Under this theory paleontologists have assembled dinosaur skeletons out of the bones of chickens and plaster of paris molds in order to get us to doubt the Bible.

People on the blog were shocked and horrified that other people could actually believe this.

I'm not.

I mean, as far as I can tell, you can come up with any idea in the world and people will believe it. For example, millions of women of my parent's generation believed Rock Hudson was a studly leading man.

Before we go any further let me just say that, of course, I think dinosaurs existed. That's not the point.

The point is that compared to half the shit that people believe in, thinking that dinosaurs might be a hoax seems fairly reasonable.

People believe that a man was nailed to cross, died and then came back to life. They believe in people walking on water. Men routinely believe that their wives and girlfriends cum every time they have sex. Women believe the married guy they are dating is going to leave his wife for them. Lots and lots of otherwise sane adults believe that J.J. Abrams has some fucking clue what's going on in the island on Lost.

Imagine this: You were transported to this world and knew nothing about it's history at all. You looked around and saw lots of people. If you see any lizards they are fairly small. Two guys come up to you. One guy tells you that there used to be no people, but there were giant lizards everywhere. The other guy says "once this guy was nailed to a cross for four days and lived."

If you were then told that only one of the men was lying - you might choose the dino dude!

Angry Geeks And Porn

I'm only about 90 percent sure I understand this, but if I do, it's way cool.

It seems that last night some dude on posted the code that allows people to break the copy protection on DVDs they buy.

Aparently this drove DVD makers apeshit and they then pressured to remove the post.

They did so, but the story didn't stop there.

The rest of the users of then posted the code over and over and over again in every comment and forum posting on - literally covering the site (and the Google cache of the site) with the code.

Digg aparently spent a lot of time taking it down again.

But, as I've said before, the story does not stop there.

Porn media watcher Fleshbot has now gotten into the act posting the code on top of dildos on its homepage and on a full photo galery.

And... Rome Girl now tells me that that site that has the cute kittens with comments about cheeseburgers has it posted on kitten pictures.

Rock on nerds and porn geeks!

Rock the fuck on!