April 29th, 2007

Pictures To Come Soon

The highlight of the day was actually hours after the barbeque was done.

We were all sitting in the Bar St. Roch, where my female friends have made a habit out of getting drunk and then ripping off their shirts and showing random strangers their tits.

Rome Girl and the Lesbians made this same play tonight shaking their boobies at the boobs at the Roch, but the DNA of the evening was different. Our barman had dropped acid a while before and I'd given up drinking for a month, so my tolerance was down, yet I'd done five or 10 or 15 vodka shots.

So... when the girls started showing us their goods the bartender and I responded in kind by pulling down our shorts, grabbing our cocks and jerking them in the general direction of our friends.

It's a comment on how cool Montpellier is that no one outside our table commented on this. It was just like "This is the way of the world."

Toga! Toga!

We decided today that in mid June we are going to have a party where we all wear togas and roast an entire goat over a bonfire. We are thinking around June 25 or June 26.

Anyone want to come?

More Wicked

DEWP:Have you read Wicked?

DEPW DAD: I saw the play and read most of the book and have read a lot of the MLA interpretation of it. I also know that it's a bad idea to talk about it with you.

DEPW: Why?

DEPW DAD: You are going to talk about plates and shrimp and stuff. I am not into spiritual coincidence. But I want sausages so now you will say sausages and stuff. Because when someone says "plate" or "shrimp" or "plate of shrimp" is what you are going to bring up. And you are brining that up because you saw "Repo Man" when you were 15.

DEPW: Is that fair?

DEPW DAD: Yep, because I know more about Wicked than you do but we will never agree on it.

DEPW DAD: Having a deconstructionist as a son is almost as bad as a born again or a neo con.