April 28th, 2007


At the end of Wicked, the Wicked Witch of the West comments that Dorothy's companions are not really looking for a heart, a brain or courage.

She says that they are emasculated men (but too shy to admit that to a little girl) and are really going to wizard to ask for their sexual potency back.

What do you think?

Talk amongst yourselves.

Panty Raid

How do girls pick out their panties - both when they are buying them and deciding which ones to wear?

When I walk through the streets of Montpellier it seems like there is a different store selling undies to babes every 20 feet or so. So, clearly choice and competition must be involved.

Yet, as a guy it's so different. Whenever I buy pants there is usually a display near the register with three or five packs of boxer shorts. I just grab one of the packs, as long as they don't look weird.

Do girls try panties on to see how they look the same way they do with other clothes? If so, isn't this gross, since that means that most panties will have been next to the privates of dozens of other girls before you tried them on?

Also, I almost always see girls in groups of two or three when they are in underwear stores. Why do you shop for panties with your female friends? I mean, seriously, I'd never go underwear shopping with a guy and the idea of asking a male friend how he thought a given pair of boxers would look at me gives me pause. Do you go into the dressing rooms together and check out how the panties look on each other and give each other opinions?

When you get up in the morning, how do you select which ones you are going to wear? Me, I just go into the drawer that tends to have clean boxers and grab a random pair. But, if you've put that much effort into selecting your panties, do you also meditate on your panty selection when you get out of the shower?

Do you go for comfort if you don't have a date that day? Or do you think "I might meet a hottie I better make sure my cooter looks it's best!" Do you have a mixture of white comfy cotton undies and more scandalous racy lacies? When do you wear which ones?

Has the relatively new style of jeans that show off the backs of your panties made life more difficult on you because you need to make sure your knickers match your kickers?

Inquiring minds want to know.