April 27th, 2007

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After taking a two day break I started working out again yesterday. I did 100 sit ups, but his time did four sets of 25 instead of five sets of 20, which I think is progress.

Watched the newest episode of 24. I'm a little bored with Ricky Schroeder's character.

I've been writers blocked the past couple of days, but hope the inspiration comes back and I can get caught up this weekend.


Why is it that You Tube has every single Star Wars parody video in creation but I can't find a single decent version of Body Count's Cop Killer? Or, really, any decent Body Count videos?

Who speaks for Ice-T!

Who, I ask you!

I Like It

How many artists can you name playing or singing on this song?

I got to 21, and I think there were seven I just couldn't pick out, though I was close on two or three of those.

Rough Draft

I want to write a short story about four brothers trying to settle the world.

Jacob and Chris didn't know much about the world. They knew that their life was comfortable and that their brothers and their subjects felt comfortable too.

But like any animals stuck in a warren, there was always a set of unease that not only poured through their veins, but also radiated off the pores of their older brothers, Patel and John Boy.

Patel and John Boy, were, of course, worshiped by their younger siblings. After all, both of them were old enough (or at least claimed they were old enough) to remember when their father was still alive and looked after them.

Yet, for as long as Jacob and Chris could remember they were on their own.

There were lots of rumors about Mom in the network of caves, but they contradicted themselves. For example, given that they all had siblings, it seemed unlikely that she was a virgin, yet their father, when he was alive, was known as a strong arm of power against any weirdness, including promiscuity or an abundance of facial snakes and stone (as had often been rumored.)

And so, Jacob and Chris were surprised when Patel and John Boy commanded them to a private meeting under an apple tree outside the warren of caves. Being teenagers, however, J and C took full advantage of the situation and feasted on apples, even though Patel and John kept screaming at them to pay attention.

The reason for the meeting was simple. When Patel was a child there were only about 100 people living in the warren and therefore all his father had to do was set down nine or 10 simple laws to keep peace and make sure that everyone had enough to eat.

Yet, today there were more than a thousand people in the warren and it seemed like more were born every day.

And so it was decided that the four brothers would each set out to a different point of the world and find new warrens for the people.

The rest is still draft idea/copy. The general idea is that the people get into trouble and the brothers have to find ways to keep them away from trouble so that they can all thrive. But, the advice from the brother leaders at first seems arbiratry, so they start telling people that their "father" or their "mother" issued the advice as an order.

1. Jacob. His cook doesn't know how to make pork and his people get sick every time she makes pork stew. To make sure they don't die of food poisoning he tells them that it is wrong to eat pork.

2. Christopher. Sexually transmitted diseases work through his tribe, so he does everything he can to enforce monogamy. If he has to claim that this is important to a higher power, so be it.

3. Patel. His pet cow is his best friend. He's sure he can find other forms of nourishment for his tribe. When they start to starve he knows that there is no hope for his pet unless he can convince his people that their fate is doomed if they eat a cow.

4. John's flock moves through the desert. Because they have been told that greener pastures are just beyond the horizon they walk longer than could be advised and start to collapse of heat stroke. John dips them in water to cool them off. And he worries that if he doesn't find some way to cool them all down that he will lose his followers. So he talks them into putting on hats and covering most of their bodies. He tells the reluctant that his father wishes it to be so.

10 years later the four brothers meet up. They despair because to lead they have had to lie to their people and they have no idea how to stop the lies. . All four know that they have lied to their people. Yet, they know they did so for the right reason.

Yet they all know that their lies will lead to war and none of them want to die.

So, all four leave their people and just walk away.