April 26th, 2007

Range Rover

Whenever someone from America visits here, they always comment on the fact that they don't see a lot of SUVs around.

It happened again when Rome Girl's parent's friends swung by the other day.

I find this amusing because:

1. The streets were built in like 1547, and are designed for horses to go through. If you had an SUV, I'm not sure what the fuck you would do with it.

2. Gasoline is like five or six bucks a gallon. And, unlike Americans, Europe people have figured out that it's not worth paying three times as much to drive someplace, simply because you want to be inside a mobile living room.

3. Public transportation is cheap and comfortable and has lots of storage space, so you don't need to drive the equivalent of the Millennium Falcon just to go on vacation.

4. Europe men have foreskin. This means that they have slightly larger dicks. Which means they have less of a need to overcompensate for their shortcommings by driving BIG MANLY CAR.'

5. Having occupied this land for like 5,000 years, they see the benefits of protecting it. Aparently if you've only been in your new country for 231, it seems more disposable.

Dude, WTF??

A town in Georgia just had their first integrated prom.

You read that right. Until last week their high school had always had two proms - one for black people and one for white people. They also had two prom queens.


Is Turner County Georgia on fucking mars??

Liberal Blindness

The problem with being a liberal is that we are right 96 percent of the time and the right wing is wrong 96 percent of the time.

The reason this is a problem is that it blinds us to the very, very important 4 percent of the time when we are dangerously wrong.

We don't question ourselves enough because "everyone knows we are right and they are wrong."

A good example of this was pointed out in the New York Times the other day. I don't have the link but the writer essentially said "Just because Joe McCarthy was a nightmare, doesn't mean that Alger Hiss wasn't just as dangerous in a different way."

In the 1950s and 1960s our liberal bias blinded us to the fact that while the right wing was wrong about almost everything, they were certainly right about communism being a dangerous, evil ideology that did want to spread over the globe - and would have made the world a worse place if the Right Wing Cold Warriors hadn't done everything in their power to beat it back.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s it fucked with us because, once again we were right that Vietnam was bad, we let ourselves turn on the soldiers (most of whom were drafted and didn't deserve to be called "baby killers) and to ignore all the good Nixon did (opening up china) in the face of focusing on his very real (and very important) criminal errors.

In the 1990s we were so in love with Bill Clinton (deservedly so) that we missed the fact that his justice department was one of the worst in history and his response to the Cole bombing led the way to a lot of the problems we deal with today.

It begs the question - what are we wrong about today? I promise you it's something important. The more we hate Bush and the neo-cons and all they represent, the more likely that we are missing something that they are doing right.

And I bet that one day that blindness will bite us in the ass.

The Real Agenda

I just finished watching the end of Season One of Grey's Anatomy and I realized something.

This show has a radical anti-illness agenda.

Seriously, people come into the hospital and their first reaction is "What can we do to make them better?"

They never consider whether it's the right thing to do.

I mean, often, it's germs or tumors that have caused the problem - but has anyone thought of their feelings? Sure, malignant cells may not practice our style of western democracy - but aren't they, really, a community. And, who are we to judge that community? Surely, we can't use our own, biased, standards.

Plus, not once have I seen any of them ask for a valid insurance card. Is it just possible that this is part of a liberal plot to sow the seeds of socialized medicine in the hearts and minds of less educated and younger viewers who simply don't know any better?

It's funny. Lately, when I watch television or movies, everything I see seems to have some agenda if I look closely enough.

Friday the 13th? An obvious anti-teenager, pro-zombie agenda. It's almost staring you in face!

Law & Order SVU - A clear feminist anti-rape and anti-pedophilia agenda.

Don't even get me started on 24's obvious pro-black SUV propganda.

I tell you. I'm begining to think there are ideas everywhere!

It's dangerous and scary.

Somebody better put a stop to this soon!