April 22nd, 2007


Got woken up early by upstairs neighbor playing really loud, really bad rap. Listened to Rome Girl bitch about it for a while, then took her to the Place de la Comedie to chillax.

Once there she told me that some of her parent's friends would be swinging through town. Not for any length of time - they are going to Beziers, but their train came into Montpellier and that's where they were renting the car.

So so hung for a bit and then met them at the train station and helped them car rent.

Afterwards we'd been out in the sun way long and I was thirsty - so I decided to be a bad boy. We went to Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub and I had two beers. They tasted like liquid gold!

We got home and I immediately did a bunch of extra free weight stuff to burn the beers off. After reading for a bit we started watching Season One of Grey's Anatomy.

I don't know how I feel about the show yet, but I do know that after only two episodes I want to kick the Asian girl in the face. I hope really, really bad things happen to her character.

Also, I pray that the show loses its format of the blonde chick trying to give us a life lesson every episode. I come to Live Journal to learn about life. I go to television to see attractive people do exciting things.

Did 100 sit ups and four full sets of free weights because I didn't feel like taking a day off from the dumb bells.