April 21st, 2007

SEPW Day 22

Called Wachovia. Found out that my ATM card was mailed on Monday. It takes about four days to get from America to EU customs, so I can only assume that that is where the card is now. How long it should take to get from EU customs to my mailbox is not something I could find out online. I'm hoping Monday or Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed! I am still furious at Wachovia for leaving me without a bank card for this long.

Hung out and played with Squirt for a while. Rome Girl and I decided that Squirt is the only cat we have ever known who is cuter as an adult cat than she was as a kitten. This is helped by the fact that she is still the size of a kitten. So, she's like a co-ordinated kitten.

I'm almost done with the new Stephen King book. It's good, but not one of his best. Still, it's far from his worse (anyone remember "Rose Madder"?)

The downside to this is that the next book on my reading list is John Irving's "Until I Find You."

I have a strange relationship with John Irving Books. They are like that girl that you had amazing sex with once. The best sex in your life. It blew your mind. So, even though she annoys you, every so often you give her a booty call - but the booty calls suck, so you blow her off again. Yet, in your mind you know she's capable of being awesome in bed, so you keep giving her another chance.

That's John Iriving. Garp and Hotel New Hamshire are two amazing bits of fiction. But, every book he did before or since (except Cider House Rules) is either a rough draft or a rewrite of those two books. But, I keep giving him a shot. With this one I'm just hoping he avoids:

1. Bears
2. Violence against children
3. Vienna
4. Amsterdam
5. Infidelity
6. Wrestling
7. Mommy issues
8. Hookers with hearts of gold

Because honestly yet another book that just jams those either concepts together is just another exercise of John Irving masturbation.

We watched some more Law & Order SVU and started downloading Season One of Grey's Anatomy, becuase I've heard good things about it.