April 17th, 2007

SEPW Day 18

Got to the end of the episodes of Jericho. Holy mother of fuck is this a good show. Rome Girl and I are riveted and will be downloading new episodes as soon as they are available. Thank fuck the bad guys are not arab or north korean or chinese or any of that bullshit. Long live the badass white man!

Incorporated a new thing with the dumbells. I hold them up with my arm bent and move them over in front of my chest and then back so they are level with my back. Rome Girl says this will help build up my chest. On Wednesday when I work my upper body again I'm going to attempt push ups, which I have not tried since high school.

Had some more lemonade in the Place de la Comedie and got another 100 pages of the new Stephen King book read. I still can't decide if I like it or hate it.

Signed several jobs but still have not gotten the bank card from my bank. This is good in the sense that money will eventually build up in my account, but bad because like cash is good for food, cigarettes and cat food.

Squirt is still in heat and it makes both of us want to strangle her.

I Though You'd Know Better

There are too many stories and articles about this to fairly link to anything but if you want I'm sure you can google the parts you are interested in.

The deal is that Slash, Mexican guitarist savant/total smack baby, has decided that his band, Velvet Revolver will no longer play Guns N Roses or Stone Temple Pilots songs in concert. (Background info, Velvet Revolver is composed of every Guns N Roses member except Axl Rose and their lead singer is Scott Weiland of STP.)

His reasoning is that he's tired of the fans at gigs going apeshit when they play GNR and STP songs and being less than enthusiastic when they play Velvet Revolver songs.

But, he also has a longer term "vision" that he's telling the hard rock radio station DJs of America. He wants to create a new supergroup with Axl and Scott as lead singers (and still do no STP or GNR songs.)

The problems with this are legion. The most obvious being:

1. The majority of people who go see Weiland with the members of Guns N Roses are paying their fucking money to hear GNR and STP songs.

2. Axl Rose is one of the most fucked up primadona egomaniac lead singers in history.

3. So is Scott Weiland.

4. The odds of Axl and Scott sharing a stage for more than about two shows without beating the living shit out of each other is about zero.

5. The odds of Axl and Scott not becoming total smack babies together backstage is even closer to zero.

6. Axl can't even manage to put out an album with his existing band. Like, he'd be able to put out one with a new band?

It's almost like Slash, Axl and Scott don't want to be rich rock stars. Because it would be really, really easy for all of them to be wildly successful, but they are total bad idea problem children.

Lame AC/DC Album Name Reference

Over the past few weeks I've noticed a new product in the grocery store.

It's essentially the opposite of bleach.

You pour it in when you do a load of black laundry and it helps keep them black or make them blacker.

It's not a die. It's just bizzaro bleach.

I used to work in a grocery store and I've done most of the grocery shopping for every household I've ever lived in, so I know this isn't just something I've overlooked before.

I wonder how it works?