April 15th, 2007

SEPW Day 15

There is nothing quite as beautiful as sitting down for an overpriced coffee out in the sun when you haven't been able to afford it for a few days. You appreciate that dark, thick liquid more than you ever would before. It's almost like eating your woman's pussy the first day her period is over and you've been craving the clean, salty taste and yearning for her musk to wrap itself around your nose.

That's how I felt in the Place de la Comedie yesterday afternoon.

Later I came home and Rome Girl was playing music and I listened to a bunch of her songs and then it was my turn and I played some of the new leaked versions of songs from the upcomming Chinese Democracy album. We both agreed that that the earlier mixes of "Better" and "Madagascar" are better than the ones they leaked recently.

"They are mixing his voice too far out front," she said.

"Yeah," SEPW said. "But the songs are well constructed. It's almost as though they can't decide what mixes to put on the album and are trying to get a handle on fan reaction."

All of the endless leaks, remixes and delays made me wish for the days when the mob ran the music business and Axl would have been "encouraged" to fucking release the album eventually.

Still, "Better" is a really, really good track. If you haven't heard it yet, I strongly encouarge you to go to YouTube and play at least one of the versions of it on there. Their cover of Sympathy For The Devil also has some really interesting drum and bass work on it.

"I like this a lot better than the Motley Crue shit you play," Rome Girl said.

I then made my Bachelor Mac N Cheese which has lardons, garlic, wine and herbes de provance in it as well as, well, mac and three types of cheese.

We wanted to start up with Jericho while eating but it wasn't done downloading yet so we watched some of Season One of Alias which I haven't seen in years. I'd forgotten how fun and whimsical that show was when it first started before J.J. Abrahms got his head up his ass.

Finally we watched the first two episodes of Jericho. It starts off well, but I'm worried it's eventually going to become "Lost" or "Beverly Hills 90210" in Nebraska. On the other hand, if they keep it as an apocalypse show it might stay interesting.

"Skeet Ulrich is so fucking hot," was Rome Girl's comment, "But I think I can see where this is going and I'm going to lose interest."

The Shield/The Sopranos

So, I'm now totally caught up on both The Shield and The Sopranos. It looks like this is the last season for both and there is one similarity. It looks like both shows are going to end up with the main characters either dead or in jail.

What's your call:


1. Tony shot by Christopher

2. Tony shot by Janice

3. Tony shot by Carmella

4. Tony shot by Philly

5. Tony in jail

The Shield

1. Vic shot by Salvadorians

2. Vic shot by his own team

3. Vic shot by random cop

4. Vic killed in prison by forest whitticker character

5. Vic in jail

Trixiee Strikes Back

Trixiee: I was such a teasing slut Friday night
SEPW(1109:21): how were you a teasing slut?
trixiee (11:15:47): i wasn't such a tease last night
SEPW (12:16:03): You got laid?
trixiee (11:15:59): no
trixiee (11:16:01): i just made out
trixiee (11:16:07): but i let him feel me up over my top
trixiee (11:16:09): and over my skirt
SEPW (12:16:47): his hand got near your pussy?
trixiee (11:17:14): haha
trixiee (11:17:16): not quite
SEPW (12:18:11): you like him?
trixiee (11:18:11): not sure
trixiee (11:18:14): catalan
trixiee (11:18:15): a local
SEPW (12:19:37): how were you a tease the other night?
trixiee (11:21:56): just wouldn't let him do anyting
trixiee (11:22:02): he is this agreesive little catalan man
trixiee (11:22:03): i like it
trixiee (11:22:03): haha
trixiee (11:22:06): i like being dominated
SEPW (12:22:25): but you were not dominated too much if you held him off
trixiee (11:22:35): but last night
SEPW (12:22:49): ?
trixiee (11:23:39): i let him dominate me more
trixiee (11:23:41): and grab my ass alot
trixiee (11:23:43): and stuff
SEPW (12:24:04): really? do tell...
trixiee (11:24:05): we had people over
trixiee (11:24:07): and hanging out
trixiee (11:24:13): and i just let him graab me all over
trixiee (11:24:15): and make out nad stuff
SEPW (12:24:47): how dom did he get and how dom do you want him to get?
trixiee (11:24:47): haha
trixiee (11:24:51): he wasn't that bad
trixiee (11:24:56): but he wouldn't let me go
trixiee (11:24:58): and stuff
SEPW (12:25:09): in a good way?
trixiee (11:25:05): yeah
trixiee (11:25:10): and just grabbing my ass alot
SEPW (12:25:23): did you get wet
trixiee (11:25:20): oh yeah
trixiee (11:25:30): god
SEPW (12:27:20): so what does he get on th enext date?
trixiee (11:28:03): ha
trixiee (11:28:06): i dunno
trixiee (11:29:55): wht do you think i should give him?
trixiee (11:29:58): shouldnt i tease him more
trixiee (11:30:02): i didn't feel his cock through his pants
trixiee (11:30:05): i'm afraid it is tiny!

And Eat It Too?

How the hell did I forget Cake and Cunnilingus Day?

Of course, it doesn't have to be all about cake. If you're so inclined you're welcome to celebrate Muffins and Muff Diving Day. Or Pudding and Pussy Licking Day. Or even Candy and Clit Licking Day. The important thing is that our coochies get the oral treatment they deserve!