April 13th, 2007

SEPW Day 13

My arms were still sore yesterday, but I do want to use the weights every other day so I started doing some curls and some crossovers.

It felt so fucking good. Like almost a sexual rush after each set of reps. The downside is that last night when I was watching television it felt like someone had punched my upper arms really hard. They still feel like shit today - yet I can't wait to do more curls and shit tomorrow.

Did a bunch of copy revisions for a client. Hoping he likes it and wraps this up soon.

It's weird. Most years January and February are slow. This year Jan and Feb were so busy I was working most weekends and March and April are slow.

Go figure.

Got totally caught up on The Sopranos. Do you think this is all leading up to Tony going to jail or getting killed? I'm betting Christopher ends up killing him.

Also got up through Episode 18 of Heroes. Since Stan Lee appears in Heroes, I'm guessing that Marvel did license some of the X-Men comics ideas to them.

The stove was finally working so we made some pasta. I also ate a lot of bananas. When money clears into my account I'm going to buy more apples, because damn have I realized how much I like apples.

Fucking Cocksucking Banks!

Went to the ATM to take cash out. Card would not work - even though I know there are funds in there.

Called up Wachovia.

It turns out they'd sent me a new card to an address that is no longer valid. When that mail got returned to them yesterday, they cancelled the card I use!!!! Even though it is not supposed to expire until 2009!

They are now sending a new card to France but that's supposed to take 7 to 10 days.

And I have one euro on me!

I emailed my dad to see if he can walk into his local Wachovia branch and talk some sense into them.

Google History

Wow, aparently your Google search history can really haunt you.

During a current New Jersey murder trial a woman is accused of cutting up her husband and tossing him in bits and pieces in garbage bags that ended up eventually washing ashore.

One of the key bits of evidence against her is her google history.

It turns out she'd typed in, as a Google Search Term, "How To Commit Murder."

I can only imagine the look on the jury's faces at that point.

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Nobody Ever Is

Slacker chick in Heidi haircut, Mao cap and gas station jacket: What really pissed me off was we were fooling around one night and he was texting another girl. I'm, like, sitting there naked, ready to do whatever, and he's pulling that shit. He's all about wanting to eat out my asshole, and then he does that.
Slacker dude: I guess he wasn't really ready to get everything he wanted.

--Raccoon Lodge, TriBeCa

Overheard by: Nic

via Overheard in New York, Apr 12, 2007