April 12th, 2007

SEPW Day 12

Landlord came buy and told us that the dudes that will fix our stovetop should come by today. This is a good thing, because we are both tired as shit of only eating stuff that can be roasted or baked. Shit, I'd just like to be able to make coffee again.

Did 35 sit ups. Would like to have done more, but that's all Rome Girl would spot me for because she was worried I'd hurt myself. The last five were a serious pain in the ass. Back to dumb bells today.

We made meatloaf which I yummed up. Squirt also went into heat which is a pain in the ass.

I watched a bunch of episodes of Sopranos Season Six. The sub plot with the gay mobster is hilarious.

Also watched some more episodes of Heroes. Who knew that Sulu was Japanese?

Roger Waters Magnum Opus

I'm a little confused by the pictures on Drudge of Mexicans climbing over the wall that seperates Mexico from America (and have to admit that I've always been a bit confused by news stories of coyotes smuggling Mexicans into America.)

Isn't the United States border with Mexico fairly open. What I mean is, can't like the average mexican just drive/walk through the legal border, tell the customs people he/she is a tourist or visiting relatives and like get through legally as long as he/she doesn't have drugs in his/her car, bicycle, rickshaw, etc...

I'm sure I must be wrong since people do go to extraordinary lengths to skip that border.

Same As The Old Boss

Just when I thought the left wing was a good alternative to the right wing you guys went and got Don Imus fired.

I hope it feels good for you to drive an old man from his job. I'm sure it would have been to easy for you to simply turn the radio dial.

I always found Imus a bit of a bore, but my dad's listened to him for about 20 years every morning. It made him happy and gave him a good start to his day. And sure, Imus said some shitty things, but he entertained a lot of people.

Plus, there isn't a lot of difference between driving Imus from his job for what he said and all of the people (re: Valerie Plame) that Bush and company drove from their jobs for opinions that they didn't like.

I hope one day that you say something that someone doesn't like and you lose your job. I hope you are embarrassed publicly. I hope your friends and family have to watch your humiliation in front of a national audience.

Then, I hope you sit there and wish that in 2007 you'd simply turned the dial.

To quote Bruce:

"If you can take a mans life for the thoughts thats in his head
Then sit back in that chair and think it over judge one more time
And let `em shave off my hair and put me on that killin line"