April 11th, 2007

Reading Rainbow

As part of spring cleaning Rome Girl and me brought a ton of our books (mostly the trashy crime fiction I like) down to the used book store. They wouldn't give us cash for them, but they did give us a shitload of store credit.

This is a treat for me because usually I'm only able to afford books from their used section, which means I'm always about a year behind on whatever Kay Scarpetta or Randall Flagg are doing.

So, I went a bit nuts in the new book section and picked up:

Tess Gerritsen - Never Say Die

John Irving - Until I Find You

Jonathan Kellerman - Gone

Richard North Patterson - Exile

Stephen King - Lisey's Story

I still have like 80 euros of credit so I am soon going to be the most up to date pulp fiction reader in the world!


P.S. Speaking of Randall Flagg, It's been over a year now since I finished The Dark Tower Series . The ending still haunts me a bit and seems like a bit of cheat. I get that it's supposed to be about the journey and not the destination - but damn it I waited 13 years for him to get to that destination and I just sort of feel bad for Roland. Anyone else finish this series? If so, what's your take on what Roland does and doesn't find "at the end of the rainbow."

SEPW Day 11

Finally felt 100 percent so incorporated exercise into my Spring Body Cleaning.

I'm using a 4.5 kilo dumbbell - I know that sounds weak, but I'm out of shape so fuck off.

I did a lot of curls and holding it above my head and pumping up and down and pulling it to the other side of my chest and weird shit like that. Pretty much anything that hurt after a few minutes of doing it.

My arms feel sore today, but in a good way.

I'm going to give the arms a rest today and have Rome Girl hold my ankles while I do sit up tonight.

Started watching Season Six of Sopranos (no work plus no booze plus no money = lots of time for television) and I'm astounded at how good the show is.

The scene where Christopher mugs Lauren Bacall is priceless!

A Different Kind Of Squirt

The other day Rome Girl was talking about one of her "Brooklyn Boys." These dudes annoy the shit out of me so I rarely pay attention (I'm sure I have female friends that she's bored of too, so this goes both ways.)

But, this story caught my attention.

It seems that one of the boys rarely dates, because he's looking for "The One" and doesn't want to waste his manly essence on Chicken of the Sea when Tonnino Yellow Fin might one day be on sale.

Anyway, his friends recently talked him into starting to date on the concept that you don't go into Nobu until you've tried store brand sushi and know what you like.

So, he met this girl and went out with her a couple times before he got grossed out.

The problem - she's a female ejaculator.

Rome Girl told this story with the air of "Of course that would gross a guy out!" but I can't relate.

I would think that if a girl squirted you'd be thrilled, because you'd know she had an orgasm (you can't fake that shit) and obviously she's into you.

That said, I've only been with a squirter once and that was back in my early 20s when I was totally clueless and just assumed "this is something girls do." After all, I squirt, so why shouldn't they?

So, I ask my more experienced brethern - girl squirting, hot or not?