April 10th, 2007

SEPW Day 10

Ever since I started taking a break from drinking I've been sleeping later. This apparently bothers my cat.

For years, I'd get up around 11 and the cat would alternate between me and the sleeping Rome Girl. Then, around 12:30 or 1 Squirt would go into the bedroom and bother Rome Girl until she woke up.

Now, Rome Girl is getting up early - and after she's been up for about an hour, Squirt comes in and bats my nose and kisses me until I haul my lazy ass out of bed.

It's like Squirt thinks it's her job to make sure both of us get up and earn enough money to buy her cat food.

Yesterday, Rome Girl and I both got a shitload of work done during the day. Then, I went out and read some of my new Sue Grafton book in the Place de la Comedie while drinking lemonade.

I keep refering to lemonade here, but really what I'm getting is a citron presse. What they do is fill a lowball glass up with ice and squeeze the juice of two lemons into it. They then give you a pitcher of water and several packages of granulated sugar.

You make your own lemonade to taste. It's three bucks well spent.

When I got back we made sandwhiches from the leftover pork roast and finished Season Four of The Wire.

I then watched the first episode of Season Six of Sopranos - so I'm now exactly one year behind the rest of the world in Sopranos watching.

We Can Be Heroes

Just watched the first five episodes of Heroes.

It's really good, but I have two questions:

1. Isn't this like blatant copyright infringement on The X-Men?

2. It seems like the one girl's superpower is "multiple personality disorder." Or, am I missing something?