April 9th, 2007

Another Great Bush Hire

SEPW Day 9

We slept in and then headed out towards the Place de la Comedie.

Along the way we ran into Lancelot's Babe who had just gotten back from Austrailia. She was nicely tanned and in a good mood.

We hung out in the comedie drinking fresh squeezed lemondade and reading out books for about an hour. The sun felt so nice.

Then we went home and worked for a while The Dirty Baker called so Rome Girl met her at Bar St. Roch while I stayed home and made a roast pork with apples, honey and mustard.

Then she came back and we feasted and watch some more of Season 4 of The Wire.

The Return Of ESM!

It looks like Rome Girl will be hanging out with Emma's Sexy Mom tomorrow who is recovering wonderfully from the hospital - and still looks as sexy as Marilyn Monroe after 3.5 minutes with JFK.

I'll be working, so I won't be on the trip, but maybe they'll stop by afterwards and I'll get to see her, because she is the coolest cat it town.


I was just relistening to the Shania cover version of You Shook Me All Night Long and was struck by something.

She's changed the words around a little bit (he for she) example, which is fine, but she also seems to have sort censored the song in the re-write.

I say sorta because she changed "She told me to come but I was already there" to "He told me to run but I was already there."

Now, I always thought the genius of the original line was that it cuts both ways. You can take it dirty, or you can take it romantic and emotional. It's up to you. So, why change it.

Yet she leaves in the line "(S)he had be bobbing for air" which is not only dirty to begin with, but much dirtier with a girl singing it.


Pointless Quiz Number Two

No Metallica. No Marilyn Manson. Still pointless lyrics stuck in my head. Guess the songs. Tip - Rome Girl sometimes gets songs stuck in my head.

1. "I forget what eight was for."

2. "He sees the family home now, looming in his headlights."

3. "He's double dealing with your best friend. That's when the teardrops start."

4. "I was crowned with a spike right through my head."

5. "It takes a strong man, baby, but I'm showing you the door."

6. "You'll always find us out to lunch."

7. "And now the end is near so I face the final curtain."

8. "You had to bring up reincarnation over a couple of beers the other night."

9. "This is for the questions that don't have any answers."

10. "I will fix your rags if you take 'jack' my dog.

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The college my dad rules with an iron fist works at had a portrait of him commissioned.

"You are going to look exactly like that when you are older," Rome Girl said.

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