April 8th, 2007

SEPW Day 8

I feel a little bad for my step mom and her brother, my uncle.

For years they alternated having huge Xmas and Easter family dinners where everyone would come over and either my dad or my aunt would cook a huge amount of food and there would be a ton of booze and touch football games and shit.

This year my brother, The Idiot Child, and my cousins are all "too busy" to show up at either house so there is, for the first time, no Easter, in a way.

Of course, these family gatherings were always nightmares. Something bad always happened for alcohol related reasons.

So, now that the kids are out on their own and can't be literally dragged to them, they are all bailing.

Part of me wants to point out (I'm much older than my brother or my cousins) that when I was their age I sucked it up and went to the family gatherings - mostly so I could see them, but also because I figured, "fuck it, it's a pain in the ass and painful, but it means a lot to the people who changed our diapers and put food on the table for us, so I can fucking deal with it."

Yet, I do understand.

Last night I had an awful nightmare consisting of various memories of holidays past. Aparently I was screaming so hard that Rome Girl, even though she was wearing earplugs, was woken up and ended up shaking me to wake me up.

I've noticed that since I started taking a break from drinking I've had at least one if not two nightmares a night. It's like the Guinness and the vodka were holding those demons at bay and now that my body is dumping out the physical poisons, my mind is dumping it's own version of poisons.

Still, I'm feeling healthier and healthier and am going to keep eating apples and bananas and staying away from booze until I've felt like 100 percent for a few days.

Independance Day

Tomorrow I have to write a three page article about the benefits of being an independant artist if you are a writer or a music dude/duddette versus going the mainstream major publisher/major record label route.

The problem is that when you type "Independent Artists" into google you either get references sites for musicians (fine but only half the story) or strippers/escorts (not appropriate.)

Also, he wants an independant success story not related to major companies and it seems like every "independant success story" has some connection to a corporation somewhere.