April 7th, 2007

SEPW Day Seven

We chilled out last night. I made a new (for me anyway) type of pork chops. I mixed a ton of breadcrumbs with a ton of paprika. Then I cracked two eggs and mixed tabasco sauce and ground pepper into the eggs. Next, I dipped the porkchops in the egg/tabasco and shook them up in the bag filled with breadcrumbs and paprika. Then I baked them.


We started to watch Season Four of The Wire Last night. Today I'm downloading the first 18 episodes of Heroes, because people keep telling us it's good.

This afternoon we went over the the Lucious Lipstick Lesbians' restaurant. It seems they have a potential buyer who was coming around so they wanted the place to look busy. So, even though we are broke they told us to come down to play "dining extras." They gave Rome Girl a salad with meat on it and me a baked potato with meat and sauce on it.


Afterwards we went over to the Place de la Comedie and drank citron presse (fresh squeezed lemonade) and watched attractive people in skimpy clothes walk by while reading our books.

Now we are chilling out at home and I plan to read my book with my cat in my lap.

P.S. I'm working on next week's pointless quiz. No Metallica, no Manson, all radio friendly songs, but a challenge just the same.

Karin Slaughter

On Friday I found the new Karin Slaughter paperback Triptych on sale at the used bookstore for two euros.

I was really excited. I'd been wanting to buy the book for about six months but was holding myself back.

I first discovered Miss Slaughter with Indelible and have been hooked ever since.

Her first books were all about this small Southern town where the chief of police used to be married to the forensic pathologist. They are long since divorced but still have sex with each every so often. They both grew up in the town and have super Christan families, but some how got over it.

There there are the side characters = the patholgists' gay cousin, the female police officer who likes her sex as close to rape as possible and her blind identical twin lesbian sister, the various churchgroups, the rookie cop who spends just a little too much time helping the high school girls out with their problems, etc...

What made it great was that while there was always a crime at the center of the story, all of the characters were unique and interesting. You would have read a book about their lives even if there wasn't a crime.

That's a hard thing to do.

So, I had a little trepidation when I heard that her new book was going to be all new characters in a new setting. I'd grown to love these people and their little town.

I need not have worried. Triptych is amazing.

It tells the same story from the points of view of three different unreliable narrators and you get to try to piece together the way they lie to themselves, their fucked up sexuality (seriously, seriously fucked up) and sorta put the story together as you go along.

I recommend it.

Keeps The Vet Away?

Whenever I eat an apple, Squirt comes over begging for a bite.

So far I've let her lick the apple, but haven't let her have a bite because I'm not sure kitty digestive systems are set up for apples.

She also likes vodka.