April 6th, 2007

The Shield Season Five

"Well," I thought when I saw the season finale around 3 a.m. last night, "those guys are fucked."

Most shows sort of show signs of beginning to jump the shark by season five - or at least you can see how they will eventually jump the shark.

The Shield is not one of those shows. Even though we still deal with the same essential characters, it's managed to re-invent itself so often that it's still fresh and still hard to see where it is going.

We had three seasons of planning the money train, getting the money train and then losing the money train. Then there was the season of The New Sheriff In Town in the form of Glenn Close.

Then.... in Season Five... something completely different.

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SEPW Day Six

I showed such restraint yesterday when the Lesbians invited us up for drinks in the early evening. I was tempted, but told Rome Girl to go, because I really do want to clean my body out before I start drinking again.

I also notice that with each day that I don't drink and do eat fruit the weather seems to be getting nicer. So, clearly Kali is rewarding me for my efforts.

Today I'm going to drink fruit juice in the Place de la Comedie and read a book in the afternoon.

My belly feels smaller. I know this must be psychosomatic. I refuse to believe that six days of no booze and lots of fruit could actually do that this quickly.

I'm downloading Season Four of The Wire for our non pub going television watching this weekend.

Man Up?

Over the past couple weeks a few projects have appeared on the freelance job boards requesting "an African American writer who knows Man Up."

Part of me is tempted to google "Man Up" to find out what the hell they are talking about.

Part of me likes the mystery.

Is it porn?

Some self help group promoting responsibility?

A new form of martial arts?

A video game marketed to African Americans?

The Shadow knows.


radiumhead asked for the answers to my pointless quiz. .

Here they are.

I'll do a different one next week.

1. Cheap Trick, Surrender

2. Motley Crue, Too Young To Fall In Love

3. Bruce Sprignsteen, Johnny 99

4. Sex Pistols, Anarchy For The UK

5. The Who, Who Are You

6. Metallica, Master Of Puppets

7. Marilyn Manson, The Dope Show

8. Welcome Back Kotter Theme Song

9. The Who, Substitute

10. Van Halen, Jump