April 4th, 2007

The Money Train

Today I'm downloading Season Five of The Shield.

I can't fucking wait.

I have to say that while I love 24 and Deadwood, I think The Shield may be my favorite television show ever.

I just love how it has no morals at all and is complete and total nihilism. You know that everyone is fucked up and that everything is going to go wrong. You understand that there can't be any happy endings.

You get that the entire show is a slow dive into death and hell for everyone involved.

There are no heroes. There aren't even really any bad guys.

It just is.

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Today at the butcher shop they had a fresh pork roast that they had marianted and then stuffed with mustard, pepper and oil.

The butcher told me that the way to cook it is to roast it with potatoes and herbe de provance and then about 15 minutes before it's done to pour white table wine over the roast and potatoes.

I can't wait to make it!

Gorey Details

1. The primary season starts in February.

2. It's cold in February.

3. People don't want to hear about the world being too hot when there is 12 inches of snow on the ground.

4. Perhaps basing a primary season campaign on global warming is a bad idea.

Pointless Quizz

Random lyrics from songs I've been listenting too lately (or have been stuck in my head.)

How many can you identify?

1. "Mommy served with the WACS in the Philippines."

2. "Your love is a guillotine."

3. "They closed down the auto plant in Mahwa late last march."

4. "Your future dream is a shopping spree."

5. "I remember throwing punches around and preaching from a chair."

6. "Chop your breakfast off a mirror."

7. "Cops and queers make good looking models."

8. "Your dreams were your ticket out."

9. "My dad is black."

10. "I get up and nothing gets me down."