April 3rd, 2007

Live Free Or Die

Aparenlty these New Hampshire teens take their State Moto seriously.

HAMPTON – Some parents are protesting the "sex" edition of the student newspaper at Winnacunnet High School.

Several said they were especially offended by a photograph of two women kissing under the headline "Why men love women who love women," a quiz question about anal sex, and an interview with an unidentified custodian who said he had found a vibrator in the girls' shower.

Training Day

My parents have hired a "Professional Puppy Coach" to train their four months old golden retriever.

What the fuck is a puppy coach???

And who needs one???

When did people who taught dogs to shit outside become "coaches" and not "trainers?"

Apparently this coach "works with the parents." Which means my parents have to sit and watch this lady coach their puppy three times a week for six weeks.

Hell, if someone else is potty training my dog the only value for my money is that I wouldn't have to sit around and watch it.

Again... WTF?????

Body Heal Thyself

I have not had a drink in two days and don't plan on drinking tonight or tomorrow. Thinking about going a full week or so without drinking, though the weekend/holiday may tempt me to break that thought.

This afternoon I bought and ate fruit. I made sure no one I knew so saw me do so.

Because the stove is broken, I won't be able to fry food, so I'll roast and bake stuff.

I'm going to start using my freeweights again while watching television tonight.

Since Sunday I've been only smoking a pack a day. (To be honest this is as much as a pack and a half of American cigs (they come in packs of 30 here, but this is still less than the two 30 packs I was smoking before.)

And, I have jobs lined up for today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.


I think Fox needs to have crossover episodes of 24 and Prison Break with Jack Bauer and Michael Scofield teaming up against some weird conspiracy.

Also, all you ladies who like Scofield (wentworth miller) might like Wet For Went a fan site with loads of pictures that aparently make the webmaster less than Arid Extra Dry.

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Back In Black

Emma's Sexy Mom came to visit us for the first time today since she went into the hospital.

She looked great. We gave her a bunch of DVDs.

It's our evil plan to addict her to Deadwood and The Wire since I'm already addicted to The Shield.