April 2nd, 2007

Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed!

I think I had a flu or virus last week without realizing it.

I was feeling like shit all week, sleeping constantly, when not asleep had little to no motivation and had weird aches and pains in my hands, back and chest.

Because all of these feelings are similar to what I get when I go into a depressive cycle and/or have mild panic attacks, I put it down to my brain fucking with me.

But... yesterday when I took a nap, I suddenly broke into a huge sweat, felt freezing cold until I feel asleep and then woke up feeling much, much better.

This morning I feel better still and the thought occurred to me - holy fuck did I have a fever for six days and not know it??? Was that why last week was such a fucked up haze?


Why I Should Not Clean

While trying to clean the apartment this morning I think I somehow busted our stove.

I was doing the dishes when suddenly all of the lights went out.

I went to the fuse box and flipped the breaker. Lights came on.

Five minutes later lights went off again.

Repeat this process five times.

Finally I noticed that even though for all intents and purposes the stove was turned off, the red light indicating that it was turned on, was, well, turned on.

Then, smoke started to rise from beneath the red light.

So, I pulled out the fuse that runs the stove and turned the main circuit breaker back on.

The lights have not gone out since.

Being a curious soul, I then started examining the stove.

It looks like, while I was doing the dishes, water must have bounced off a plate or glass and gone through a very small access hole and soaked the electrical wires that go to the stove.

I'm guessing this can cause fucked upness and lights to go out.

I'm going to wait until the wires dry out, put the fuse back in and see if the stove then works.