March 29th, 2007


A somewhat famous actor was drinking in Fitzpatrick's tonight.

It made me think about pirating movies.

Or going to the carribeian.

Or being 21.

Or jumping on the street.

It's A Story You've Heard Before And It Might Bore You

.... but you usually look forward to your girlfriend going away because it means you can party and not worry about coming home drunk and being a pain in the ass but this time it didn't work out like that and you ended up sleeping til 4 p.m. every day because the idea of waking up and her not being there bothered you and then you wondered if she really exists and if perhaps she and your cat are the same person and maybe your cat just seems five feet tall sometimes, so you call your girlfriend and she asks you why you called and you tell her it was because you missed her and then you feel empty because if you have learned nothing in life you have learned that no girl wants to hear that and that she'd much rather you were strong and didn't miss her and your parents ask you to write your younger brother's resume the same way you wrote his college admissions essays and you then wonder why they always tell you that he's the smart kid and ho proud they are that he went to Notre Dame and why didn't you ever bother to go to law school and then you realize that you forgot to buy wet food for your cat this morning so you go to Subway and buy a tuna sub just so you can give her something nice to eat but that makes you feel like a sucker and you don't want to miss your girlfriend but you do miss her desperatly, but you also want some girl to lightly touch your penis while calling you a small dicked faggot and that's wrong and you shouldn't want that and then you are in the bar and the smell just drives you insane and part of you wants to just get on your knees and inhale the wood scent of the floor of the bar because it will give you a rush but you know you'd be looked at weird if you did that and then you wonder why some girls at the bar go out of their way to not look at you while other girls openly stare at you and you figure you must be a freak and it's 100 percent sure that they are laughing at you and then there is a guy who looks like he might sell ether and as soon as you see him all you can think about is ether. Ether. Ether. Ether. Ether. and you just want to float away in an ether haze and you haven't had work all week and you just want to give up and thnk maybe you should see a doctor but know that your girlfriend would lose respect for you if you did.

So you pet your cat and just hope that life becomes different for you some day.


This is sad.

The basic point of the article is that apparently a lot of girls are afraid to get naked in front of their partners because of body issues.

Fuck it!!!

He's your partner!!!

He likes the way you look!!!!