March 27th, 2007

My Aching Head

The only downside to finally having a computer that works is that it entices me to look at hard rock you tube videos while drinking vodka shots until 7 a.m.

In retrospect, my stomach and head think that might not have been the best use of my time.

That said, I think I hit a moment last night where I "really really understood" Glenn Danzig.

I'm sure you've had those moments too.

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Text Messages

RG: I won't be online today. I'm in Capri.

DEPW: Did you wear your short pants?

RG: No need. They grow on trees here.

DEPW: Even in winter?

RG: Especially in winter.

Total Fanboy Post

The Lesbians tonight lent me Season Three of Desperate Housewives.

I've just watched the first episode and just want to say "Bree it's not your fault that people don't understand you!"

I wish I lived on Wisteria Lane.

I just want to give you a hug and tell you how much I love you.

Also you are so fucking hot!!!!

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I love Her

The first words of Episode Three Season Three:

"He began planning their honeymoon the moment he set eyes on her."

I totally understand.

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