March 25th, 2007

Final Fantasy Geek Post

Does anyone know how to find the mouse in the waterway hunt in rabinestre?

When I go to low town there are two doors that lead to the waterway. One of them is "stuck." If I take the other door, I'm led to a section of the waterway that can't possibly link up with the waterway section the mouse is in.

Earlier in the game if I wanted to open the door that would lead me down to the mouse's area I asked a kid to open it for me - but now that kid is not interested.

Is there another entrance to that part of the waterway I'm forgetting (from the street, maybe???)

I ask because the walkthrough in the guide to the game implies that getting to that part of the waterway is intuitive (i.e. in every part of the game if there is some even slightly difficult secret it explains the solution in detail) so I assume there is something from earlier in the game that I'm forgetting that I'm supposed to have remembered.

I know the solution isn't to get the sluice key, because the point of the mouse hunt is to get the sluice key.


It was cold last night, so when I went to bed Squirt crawled in under the covers and wrapped herself around my feet.

It was like having my own personal toe warmer!


Because the exchange rate changed between when I took 20 euros out of an ATM on Friday and when they debited my account on Saturday I ended up with a balance of negatve seven cents in my account.

My bank, Wachovia, then charged me a $35 overdraft fee! Over seven cents!!! And it was the exchange rate that fucked me!!!!

I just sent the bank an email asking them if they really think that is reasonable.

UPDATE: I got so annoyed I called them up and explained the situation - and they removed the overdraft fee!!!!

Wachovia rocks!!