March 22nd, 2007

Measuring Up

Hey, remember a couple weeks ago when I did a blog item about The Inch Perfect a vibrator with a measuring tape up the side?

The dude who invented the thing visited my blog last night and talked with a couple of our loyal readers.

He seems like a cool guy.

The also make the Pleasure Periscope a vibrator with a lens so you can look into your woman's vadg while she plays with herself.

Now, that's what I call intimacy!

Check it out!


I Am A Golden God!

I sent the final version of the Fetish E-Book over to the client yesterday and got this response:

Brilliant stuff, i absolutely love the ebook =]

Been a pleasure to work with, hope we can work again in the near future. If you need any ratings or whatever i'll be happy to give top marks!

My ego knows no bounds this morning!


So, parent's groups, women's groups, church groups, etc... are all going batshit angry about this poster for Roland Joffe's new horror film, "Captivity."

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I don't get it.

This is a slasher film staring the girl who plays Jack Bauer's daughter. The premise of the film is that she gets kidnapped, tortured and then killed by the bad guys.

How the fuck else are you supposed to promote a film like that?

It would be like trying to advertise Debbie Does Dallas St. Claire 9 without putting a babe with nice breasts on the cover.

I can understand people saying "I don't like slasher films. I'm not going to see this film."

Or, while I would disagree, saying "Hey, what the fuck is up with making a movie about kidnapping and torturing a young girl?"

But, I don't understand "Well, your advertisement offends me."

You know the best way to make sure ads like that don't appear, motherfuckers?

I'll give you a clue - protesting is the wrong answer.

Just don't go see the fucking movie.

All the anger and protests do is make more people want to see the movie. You are defeating yourself.


Help A Brother Out

Rome Girl goes off to Rome (of all places) Friday.

Send, porn, please.

I'll need it.


P.S. If it's good porn and you are either gay or a girl I'll send a pic of my cock in return.