March 21st, 2007


Because the lease is in Rome Girl's name the landlord never bothers me about the rent. He just asks if she is here or if she's left the rent money with me.

This month because of having to pay the lawyer and such, we are, shall we say "behind in the rent."

So, when the landlord knocked on the door Monday afternoon, Rome Girl hid in the bedroom and I told him that she had gotten unexpectedly sent to Rome on business and would be back Monday. Perhaps he'd like to come back and see her then.

Guess who she ran into yesterday?

Totally, totally busted.

She told him that work had flown her back to France for the afternoon and she was late to catch a flight back to Rome.

I can't imagine he believed her.

That said, you have not lived until you've been yelled at, in the native language, by a flaboyently gay 60 year old French dude.

It Had To Happen


Ann Coulter Lesbian Fetish Fiction.

"Ann Coulter, political firebrand, stood in front of her bathroom mirror and dropped her shorts. Her nicely shaved, completely bare pussy gleamed in the light. She admired her pussy in the mirror, turning to different angles to see its smoothness. She lightly touched the crack in the middle, feeling the warm furrow that was now bereft of hair. She pushed her finger in and wiggled it around. Then she brought her finger to her nose and sniffed."

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I Shit You Not

The person on the left in the top photo is Phil Spector walking into the courtroom for jury selection on the first day of his murder trial.

The second photo is how he looked for pre-trial motions.

One of these things is not like the other.

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