March 19th, 2007

Nice Sunday

Woke up fairly early to scan the freelance job boards and catch up on the news. Then Rome Girl woke up and the sanity practically lept from her eyes.

Rock on!

I went out to get cigs and ran into Miss Darling who was out with her husband celebrating English Mother's Day. It turns out we each thought the other was blowing the other off because I'd sent her a text a week before and she hadn't responded. She thought she had responded, but had sent the text to someone else on her phonelist.


Then, I ran into The Iceman and Jacky nad Angel Heart. The Iceman and I had a beer and then we all left to meet Rome Girl at the Lucious Lesbian's resturant for brunch.

English Gay Boy arrived after I'd had some screwdrivers and everyone else had had a ton of wine. He brought us all tons of bootleg DVDs.

Rome Girl and I were tired, so after brunch we went home, watched a billion episodes of Deadwood Season Three, did the nasty and fell into a great sleep.


Squirt keeps going into our laundry bag and bringing my dirty socks and Rome Girl's dirty underwear out into the living room to play with.

I wonder if she has an underwear fetish?

Electric Boogaloo!

Watched the first four episodes of Prison Break Season Two tonight.

I take back everything I thought about them not being able to sustain the show after they get out of prison.

Holy mother of Britney's douche! It's even better when they are in the real world!

It could only get better (and give me an even funnier headline reference) if suddenly they did The Lambada - The Forbidden Dance.


P.S. Rome Girl just said she doesn't get the headline reference.