March 17th, 2007

A La Roma!

I bought Rome Girl her ticket's to rome today and that seems to have made her happy.

She actually got out of the house for a little while yesterday, to play backgammon with The Fuller Brush Man, so perhaps she's on the mental mend.

Faking Craigs List

Check out this job that was posted on the freelance job boards this morning:

Ok, this should be easy to explain. I will be posting ALOT of ads to Craigslist under Personals/-women seeking men/dating, romance, relationshipt long term. I wil also be posting to women for men in the sex with no strings attached section or casual encounters.

I need for this 50 ads that have some good quality content about 4 sentences long with closings and greetings using proper spelling, grammar, context, punctuation, capitalization, formatting etc. These will be for the dating romance relationship section.

Then I need 50 more ads for the casual encounters/sex with no strings section. These can be one liners to 2 sentences long, much shorter and easier.

For each of thes ads I would like to have corresponding pictures of the same girl to go with them. It would be preferable for the dating section to have 2 pics of the same girl for each, and for the sex category one picture.

The pics will be different between the two categories. For dating/romance they should be cute, sexy, fun pictures but NO XXX, they must look like real people!!! Not some Super Model or miss america, they need to be attractive, but make it believable, beautiful hot girls that are totally Amazing gorqeous don't post in the personals on Craigslist.

The other pictures for the XXX or sex category can be crazy sexy, believable still of course, but nudity, XXX stuff is good here!! Make the guys get crazy!! Provacative and hot! yet realistic.

In total maybe 75 to 120 pictures, good quality resolution, NOT Tiny little thumbnails they will look like crap then!

Last thing:

I need 25 gmail accounts made with log in names with female first and last names together. FOR EACH ONE: You must make the email, log in, go to account settings, enable POP access so I can use the access, and then select delete emails from gmail when accessed via pop so the emails are deleted when I log in via pop3.

Ex: heather lauretta would be heatherlauretta @ gmail .com

then compose the exact email addresses, with corresponding log in passwords in a spreadsheet for me to log in and configure if I need to.

Note: You must change settings for pop enable, and delete gmails copy. That way I can set them up from my computers and I will never download duplicates and get really messed up.

PLEASE!!!!!! I don't want some chinese or indian sounding crap content! No offense to asians or indians at all, I love everyone, but seriously if these sound crappy or fake they will be worthless and won't work!!!!!!!!

You must speak english perfectly, I mean be really well versed in the English language, SOUND AMERICAN, know slang and short hand like, brb, lol, omg, rofl, and be able to say things like "luv jus chillin with my gurls down at the beach sumtimes." and so on.

Also have a vocabulary: " I love men with the audacity to approach a girl and delve into a discussion of her eudemonism."

Pictures and ads should be for American guys. They are somewhat smart, desparate, and weary of spam and fake stuff, so it is important for ads to look like they were made by a real american girls.

Cheap Trick Song

10 Points to anyone who gets that headline reference!

Rome Girl's company gave in and finally agreed to pay the full amount they owed her.

"For the first time in three months I feel like I can breathe," is her comment.

It means that she asked for $6,000 and got $6,000.

She's owes the lawyer about a grand, but still, to pay 1 to get 6 is not bad odds. It sucks that her company made her go through this, but at least it's over.

She's now going to spend a week or so hanging out with boys in Rome and Barcelona and I suspect will come home a happier chick.