March 13th, 2007


Rome Girl is getting very stressed about the work situation. We didn't hear from her company last night so I suspect she might have to file suit against them today. Her email was fucked up, however, so perhaps we missed a good message.

She was shaky as all hell yesterday, so she took one of my valerians and after I wrote the outline for the fetish book she curled up on the couch next to me and watched Prison Break all day.

It seemed to calm her down.

I just hope it gets resolved one way or another. As a guy it's hard to see your gf really, really upset and know that it has nothing to do with you and that there is really nothing you can to make it better.

Conversation Between A Couple

"I'm heading out for cigs, do you need anything," he asked.

"Could you hit the baker and get me a mushroom quiche," she replied.

"Here you go," he said, returning with the quiche.

"What did you get for yourself," she asked.

"A ham and cheese crepe," he said.

"Why didn't you get me one?"

"Because you asked for a quiche."

"Stupid boy," she said. "Crepe trumps quiche. Always."

Tipping The Velvet

I just finished reading Tipping The Velvet by Sarah Waters.

The Lucious Lipstick Lesbians had lent it to Rome Girl, but I was bored and without a book the other day so I picked it up and could not put the thing down.

On the outside the book looks very respectable. Nice pink cover with a drawing of ballet slippers on the front. The blurbs on the back describe it as a romance novel.

Now, I've read romance novels before, and this ain't no Fabio thang.

It's a story of a girl in 1890s London who falls in love several times, always having her heart broken until finally she finds The One and settles down.

But that's all it has in common with any romance novel. For one, the girl is a lesbian. For two, the girl gets involved in some of the dirtiest shit I've ever read - and I've read a lot of dirty shit.

Holy shit is this book hot and nasty, nasty nasty. Lesbian fisting, rimming and hard core master/slave relationships are only the tip of the iceberg.

At one point the protaganist decides she wants to be a man. So she starts dressing like one.

Fair enough.

But then, she wants to totally accepted as a man - so she starts passing herself off as a male prostitute and blowing gay boys (who think she's a gay boy) for money. Now, I don't know about you, but to my mind a lesbian woman, dressing up like a man and blowing and rimming gay boys for money is about as gay as gay sex can get.

It's all written in a seriously romantic and flowerly language that somehow makes the filth seem even filthier. Yet, because of the way it's packaged you could sit and read it in a cafe or on the beach or anywhere in public and not be embarassed.

I highly recommend it.

Congrats Rome Girl!

La Bella Roma just got her biggest job through Calendar Communications to date.

I made the pitch to the client last week and backed it up with my company's testimonials. She, however, sealed the deal this morning. They sent over a four paragraph editing test, told her there are a number of intentional errors in it and tasked her to fix them.

She found and fixed each and every one and then they signed her. The job is proofreading documents for an environmentalist lobbying firm.

The only downside is that Calendar Communications usually produces porn and ad copy for get rich quick schemes. I'm worried that working for the Green Lobby will tarnish our reputation with our normal clients.

It's $3,000 of work at $20 an hour tax free, which is a pretty good wage.

To celebrate she's now drinking a glass of wine and watching The Shawshank Redemption, which is one of the best American movies ever made, while I iron out the contract details with the client.

Rock on with your cock on, Rome Girl! Rock on with your cock on!