March 12th, 2007

Prison Break

We started watching Season One of Prison Break on DVD last night because someone told us it was "like 24, dude."

We got through about nine episodes and it's interesting, but I have no idea how they can sustain it for more than one season. I mean, they have to get out of the prison fairly soon and then what? Will they be breaking out of a new prison every season? Or will they have to break out of the prison that is their mind?

Some notes:

1. Holy fuck are the prison doctor and the girl lawyer hot, hot hot! The prison doctor looks like a young Bree van de Kamp.

2. Rome Girl thinks a lot of the boys are sizzling as well.

3. If you got a giant tatto of a prison's blueprints put on your entire torso, wouldn't that eventually make it hard to be a fugitive? I mean, seriously, imagine that FBI wanted poster!

4. Do death row prisoners in Chicago really get to wander around the prison, get put on work details, etc...

5. Everyone on this show has been in Buffy, Alias, Law and Order or The Sopranos. Except the one dude who was in Fargo.

6. I like that the two girls have human looking lips. Lately it seems like every girl on American television has lips that have been chemically inflated.

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7. Is this the only prison in America without transvestite "bitches?"

8. Mike Hammer!!!!!

9. Who knew television could create a VP more scary than the current real one?

10. How much do you think it cost them to rent Jolliet Prison?


We are waiting to find out today if Rome Girl's company is going to settle or if she has to file suit tomorrow morning. But... Gmail is fucked up in someway and is just starting to send over emails that were sent to her five hours ago.



We just finished watching Season One of Prison Break - which is excellent - and then started watching the commentary.

An interesting note.

While they are able to show people's hands getting cut off, bloody fights, homosexuality, rape, assasination, extortion and the murder of cats, the Fox censors will not let any of the characters say "God damn" because it might offend viewers who will take it as a criticism of God.

Seriously, who the fuck out there thinks gay rape is fine for the public airways but "God damn" is just plain wrong?