March 9th, 2007


For a guy who wants me to write a book about fetishes, I think my client is somewhat naive.

He asked me to send him a list of fetishes that should go in the book.

After I did so he sent a message saying "What are watersports?"

That said, he's English, so perhaps it's one of those "fanny" situations where the brits call it something completely different and random like "hampster" or "Thames" or "Camilla."


While pitching a job to the new porn client, my designer and I had a chance to go through our "adult portfolio" to find examples of our work to send him.

Looking it over, I think the job we are most proud of was a print ad for a phone sex company.

It's a picture of a topless girl.

Over her breasts we put the phrase "Come here often?"

I think we even got a bonus for that concept.