March 7th, 2007


I decided about two mo nths ago that I was no longer going to waste mo ney on DVD box sets, since Rome Girl can bit torrent just about anything. Then, yesterday I saw that season four of buffy was on sale and made an impulse purchase.

An hour later my computer went up in smoke.

Bella Roma thinks I'm crazy, butu part of me is convinced that it's fate punishing me for being a spendthrift.

I wouldn't be surrpised if I saw locusts later today.

How Deep Is Your Love?


The Inch Perfect a vibrator that has a measuring tape attached so you can tell exactly how deep you like it in your pussy - so you can then find a guy whose cock is a perfect fit.

I shit you not.

"Unique among sex toys, Inch Perfect is the world's first measure-up vibrator. The sleek cream finish is designed to perfectly off-set its special black markings - an Imperial and Metric ruler that lets boys and girls find out exactly how much fun they're going to be able to have with each other."