March 4th, 2007


"There's going to be a weird eclipse tonight," the Fuller Brush Man said while kicking my ass at poker.

"Really," said The Iceman.

"Yes," said the Fuller Brush Man. "Volcanic activity will turn the moon red."

"Wow," said Drunken Expat Writer.

"It's the kind of thing where they used to sacrifice virgins," Fuller Brush Man noted.

"Did you ever notice," Drunken Expat Writer said, "that the ancients always tossed the virgins into the volcano? I mean, I guess it makes sense. If you decide that the gods want one of your young women, you are not going to give them the ones that put out, are you?"

"I've never thought of it that way before," the Fuller Brush Man said.

"It makes sense," The Iceman commented.

"It certainly does," Fuller Brush Man and Drunken Expat writer said, in unison.