March 3rd, 2007

Total Nerd Post

Final Fantasy XXII arrived today.

I've played it for five hours already and all I can say is THANK FUCK THEY BROUGHT THE MOOGLES BACK!


That said, the fighting system remains a mystery. I keep somehow killing monsters so I'm not complaining but it seems both unlike any Final Fantasy fighting system I've ever seen and also unlike any other video game's fighting system I've seen. And... I'm only on the most basic level of the fighting system. Aparently down the line I'm going to learn something called "Gambits" which will make even less sense. As it is now, my basic move is selecting "attack" when a critter is on the ground and "lighthing" when it is flying. Then I kick back and sip a beer and a few minutes later the monsters are dead.

I feel sure I'm missing something.

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Out On The Town

Today for I'm reserching the most popular and up and comming international cities for gay tourists. Most of the listings I've found on Wikipedia and make sense except for:

1. Cape Town, South Africa. Dude, WTF? Apartheid is sooooo sexy!

2. Bangalore, India. Get tech support and give blowjobs, all in one convenient location!

3. Manchester, England. I'm fucking sure this is a typo. Though I do hear them talk about "Man United" all the time, so who knows.

4. Zurich - Chocolates, clocks and cocks!