February 26th, 2007


So, AVN, the porn industry's largest trade publication recently commissioned a study on female porn buying habits in order to help their member companies better market to the ladies. (I'd link here but the thing is a gigantic PDF.)

They tracked what videos generated repeat business from the same female customers. What sold consistantly well, what didn't. They even tried sellign the same video but with different box covers. Some interesting things they found are:

1. The catergory of porn that generated the most repeat sales to women was hand job porn. Either guys jerking themselves off or girls jerkin guys off. Once girls bought one hand job film they tended to buy a bunch more.

2. Typical "female friendly" porn with soft focus and involved romantic plotlines actually generated the least repeat business. In fact this skinimax style actually angered a large section of the female audience who felt like it didn't take them seriously and failed to deliver what they were looking for.

3. If you took the same hetro porn film and put a guy instead of a girl on the cover it sold better to women than if you just had a girl on the cover. That makes sense. What's odd is that if you put both a guy and a girl on the cover sales to women drop dramatically.

4. Films that had a lot of missionary position sex generated more repeat purchases than films with mostly doggy style. In follow up interviews lots of women said that this was because the missionary scenes let them see more of the guy's body.

5. The majority of the time when women purchase a porn dvd they also make an additinal instore purchase (underwear, a vibe, candles, whatever.) This is the oppisite of men who almost only buy only a DVD if they are shopping for a DVD. It also means that sex shop owners make a lot more money per sale from female customers than they do from men.

6. At least 15 to 20 percent of gay porn is purchased by women.

Paranoia The Destroyer

I quit work early today and went to the used book store where they had a sale where you could get five books for 10 euros. One of them is a Patricia Highsmith book told from the point of view of housepets that kill their masters. I plan to read it to squirt at bedtime.

Another was the Michael Crichton book State of Fear , which has become somewhat controversial. Aparently Crichton thinks that global warming does not exist and is really part of some weird left wing conspiracy to take over the world.

Whatever. The dude probably also believes in dinosaur parks.

Still, I took it to the place de la comedie and sat outside and drank pink grapefruit juice and started to read it and it's a fucking awesome page turner. And I have to say that the concept of environmental groups hiring international assasins is perfect sit in the sun and have a good time material.