February 23rd, 2007


Final Fantasy XXII is released in the UK today so last night I ordered a copy from Amazon.co.uk. Hopefully it will get here next week, but with the French postal system you never know.

Last night I made Fabulous Cousin and Rome Girl roast pork with blue cheese and potatoes. They really liked it - but had been smoking pot all night, so I suspect almost anything would have gone down well.

I got Rome Girl her first sales letter job. She starts today and will probably be working on it on Monday and Tuesday as well. We'll see how she does on it.

No word from her lawyer yet on what is going on with her company. I sometimes feel like the idea of her ever getting the money owed is sorta a myth. Plus, the lawyer charges $170 an hour, so I wonder how much of the money will be left when and if she does get a settlement.

So far it looks like the closest Metallica will play to here is Belgium, but I'm holding out and hoping they add a Spain or Italy date.

I read yesterday that Marica Cross gave birth to twins. It almost makes me want to write and ode to Bree Van de Kamp, since I love her so.

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I don't know why everyone is giving Britney such a hard time lately. I mean, seriously, divorce sucks. People go temporarily insane when marriages break up.

It's normal.

All her current behaviour shows us is that she was way more in love with K-Fed than any of us realized. She thought she was building a life with him. And then it ended. That fucking sucks.

I've been there and I can tell you that I've never in my life felt anything so painful or had my head fucked up with as much.

You do weird shit when stuff like that happens. I halucinated and had to be really heavily medicated for more than a year - and I at least had the ability to hide away in my apartment. Britney has to live this shit out in front of the world.

Hell if I was as rich as Britney I probably would have bought a Harrier Jet and napalmed my former in-law's house!

Of course she's doing odd things! She'd be inhuman if she wasn't! She's a normal adult female going through both divorce and post-partum depression at the same time!

Is she crazy? Sure. But probably not "crazy." This is obvious nervous breakdown shit and with some meds and some time she'll get better.

She just needs our love people!

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Ode To Bree Van de Kamp

Oh bree!

You don't know how much you mean to me.

Yet, I think it is clear to see.

That butterflies like you yearn to be free.

Honestly your beauty brings me to my knees.

I'm sorry you had to make your oldest son flee.

But now in real life you are a mother

Which is a wonderful thing to be!

Don't worry about drinking so much wine.

In a while I'm sure you will be fine.

Maybe one day learn to enjoy 69!

Until then, bree.

Just sit down and drink a nice up of tea!

The Fight Goes On

Rome Girl's company is still sparing with her lawyer. It seems sometimes like they just don't get it. Aparently the company director asked her lawyer if they could "talk like regular guys" and her attorney had to point out that he was her lawyer and not her boyfriend.

Still, when the lawyer pointed out that they were now in violation of New York State Labor Law they agreed to release the money for the hours that Rome Girl actually worked in January. We'll see if they really do.

If so, she's using that money to get herself a MacBook and sending their computer back to them FedEx - at their expense.

The downside is they said they are unwilling to pay the one month severance Rome Girl is guaranteed in their contract unless she's willing to file a claim and fight them. So, that's what she's going to have to do.

Hopefully it will be enough to simply file the claim and this won't drag out in court forever.