February 22nd, 2007


Yesterday the Lucious Lipstick Lesbians took Fabulous Cousin and Rome Girl to the beach.

Today they are taking them to the mountains.

On Tuesday night we went out for coq au vin. Last night it was for steak and chips.

Who knows what culinary delights are on the horizon!

It's weird having someone visit who doesn't drink. He does get stoned, however.

Also, he says that the French guys seem really unattractive. I've thought that about french girls for a while, so we have something in common.


I'm trying to sell my gay porn client on doing a FILF site.

I've noticed that there are a billion MILF sites for staight boys but no FILF sites for gay boys (all the "daddy" sites are targeted at leather boys.)

In fact, even FILF.com is available!

I'll let you know if I can persuade him.

Drink, Drank Drunk

"It's weird to be hanging out in Montpellier with a guy who doesn't drink," DEPW said.

"I can't even imagine," The Iceman said. "That's never happened to me."

"It happened to me once before," DEPW commented. "When a friend came to visit after his wife had convinced him to convert to Islam."

"That's different," The Iceman countered. "He knew at one point what drinking was about. And anything is fair for the right pussy."