February 21st, 2007

Fabu Drunku

"They got me drunk last night," Fabulous Cousin said to his much younger boy toy.

"Dude," Drunk Ex Pat Writer said, "We got you one beer and two vodka shots."

"Yeah," Mr Twist said later. "That's just gettig started. He has no fucking idea."


Dan Savage today came up with a brilliant new word:


It's a former frat boy who is now gay.

So, dance your care's away now on Fraggot Rock.


"I should probably give up something for Lent," Rome Girl said. "Since I live a life of gluttony and sloth and other deadly sins. Maybe I'll give up cursing."

"Fuck it," Fabulous Cousin responded.

"Well," Rome Girl said. "It doesn't count English curses. You know, like England."