February 20th, 2007

Chilling Out

Rome Girl's Fabulous Cousin was supposed to fly into Montpellier airport at 1 p.m., so Brunette Lesbian drove her over. When she got there, however, the flight was delayed for an hour and BL had to go back to town, so Rome Girl figured she'd wait and grab a cab back when the flight came in.

But, when it did arrive, her cousin was not on it. La Bella Roma then called me and dragged me out of a poker match at Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub to go home and check emails. It turns out he'd missed the connecting flight and would not be back until after 8 p.m.

She took the bus back and I returned to my poker match where I got my first ever Royal Flush.

I felt like a motherfucking god!

The Iceman eventually drove Rome Girl back to the airport and soon we were chilling like Philly at Fitzpatrick's again. Everyone wanted pizza, so we took off to O'Carolan's for beer and shots while Pizza St. Anne made the pies.

Afterwards we came home and chatted for a bit before hitting the sack.

Today Rome Girl and Fabulous Cousin are going to wander around town while I work and eventually try to find some weed.