February 19th, 2007

Life's A Drag

Doing this huge Drag.com project is much more fun than I expected it to be. First off, it's so much fucking easier to write funny inuendo based copy with drag stuff than it is with straight or gay porn. I mean, fuck it "You make me feel like a natural woman" is good for at least three different articles.

Plus, I'm learning about a whole gigantic fucking community I never knew anything about before. The Imperial Court System, for example, is one of the largest non profit charity groups in North America and they are hysterical. They have their own "Absolute Empress" as well as Dutchess, Baronesses, etc...

Then there is the whole weirdo debate between the transvestite, transexual, drag queen and gay communities. Some of them think they are all "queer." Yet, some preop transexuals consider themselves hetrosexual when they have sex with guys and some gays think that postop transexuals are no longer a part of the gay community.

Mix in with that they whole idea of sissyfication - which has all the elements of drag, but is considered seperate because it involves a woman partner as part of the fetish.

It just goes on and on and I still have another five or six days of research.

This is one job that is certainly not a drag.


Rome Girl's cousin is comming for a weeklong visit starting today.

I've never met him but she says he's a "super fabulous Jersey boy."

I guess that means we'll be visiting Heaven and Villa Rouge, which should produce some interesting blog material.


I agree with radiumhead

I'm a much, much bigger fan of crazy, coked up, drunk, bald semi-lesbian Britney than I ever was of her when she was Virgin Britney or Married Mom Britney.

Queens Are The Theme Of The Week

"I'm going all in," The Iceman said when he realized he had four queens.

"Me too," said DEPW before revealing that he had a royal flush.

"Fucking hell," was all Mr. Bitch had to say.

EDITORS NOTE: DEPW had the ace, king, jack, 10 of clubs and a joker.