February 16th, 2007

February Made Me Shiver

When Madonna's cover of American Pie started playing at the bar tonight I made a comment and soon realized that many people don't realize what the song is about.

So, here, for your convenience, is a link that explains the song.

A Stitch In Time

Today on the freelance jobs boards there are a ton of companies looking for people who can write tutorials for Microsoft Vista and for people who are scrapbooking experts.

There have also been a lot of jobs lately for people familiar with home schooling.

It sucks that these are three things that I know nothing at all about.

Still, somewhere out there is someone who learned Vista last month, while making a scrapbook and homeschooling her kids who is gonna get rich.

So, So Meta...

Often, as a freelancer, I'll get a job where a dude has bought a license to a product that someone else is already selling. Usually, what they'll do is try to write the original sales page themselves, realize they don't know what they are doing and then look for an actual writer like me.

Then, I'll take their rough draft and go through it and make it into something that can actually sell products.

Today, it got a little meta.

A guy sent me his rough draft of a sales letter and, as per the normal course, asked me to rewrite it. What he didn't realize is that the letter he was trying to rewrite is a letter I wrote for another client.

So, here is what happened:

1. I wrote a letter for one client selling this product.

2. This new client tried to rewrite my letter and failed.

3. He then sent me his rewrite of my original writing and wants me to rewrite it.

Can it get more meta?


P.S. I'm sure this guy has no idea I wrote the original letter.

P.P.S. Yes, I've thought about just sending him my original letter with one or two minor changes, but that just seems wrong.